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Non-wovens cutting

We cut non-woven textiles in lengthwise and crosswise direction, we can cut arbitrary shapes for clothing and furniture industry, upholstery, advertising purposes etc. We provide also printing.

We deliver non-woven textiles in prices 2.75-4.25 Euro/kg according to required quality in various colors and thickness (weight).

Sampler of by default delivered colors

Lengthwise cutting

We make endwise cutting of non-woven textiles in various thicknesses. Maximal width of textiles is 800 mm, minimal width of cutted tape is 20 mm, cutted tape width is selectable by 5 mm. Maximal length of the cutted fabric is 500 - 2000 m (depends on thickness).


Under 500m……………0.6 Euro / kg + 8 Euro one-shot manipulaton fee (setting-up the cutting discs)
Over 500m……………0.7 Euro / kg + 8 Euro one-shot manipulaton fee (setting-up the cutting discs)

Technological waste is approximately 3 m of each roll.

Lengthwise cutter - cutting machine
Samples of lengthwise cutted material

Number of cuts (count and setted width of tapes) has no influence on the price. Cutted width accuracy is +-0.5mm.
In case of cutting other materials (paper, fabric) will be the price determined after trial.

Crosswise cutting

We're able to cut rectagles, squares or any other shapes according delivered or by us manufactured template. Cutting accuracy is +-0.5mm.

Samples of cutted shapes for furniture industry
Scope of shape cutting

Cut price will be determined by ordered quantity, cut length and shape complexity - roughly 0.01 - 0.04 Euro / pc. Price of a pair of templates for shape cutting is 30 - 85 Euro. Template is usually not needed for rectangle and square cutting.


We provide also printing on the cutted shapes or tapes - please, contact us for further information.

Cutted shapes with print for advertising and packing

Further information available on
EGMedical, ltd. 19 Krenova Street, Brno City Czech Republic (European Union) ++420 5 37 014 201