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EGMedical s.r.o.

 EGMedical, ltd. manufactures and sells disposable protective a hygienical products made from z non-woven textiles, especially surgical facemasks (OP-masks), OP-gowns, gowns for visitors, caps, hygienic roles, disposable sheets etc. for health care and industry.

Company has been founded in 1999 as a filial company of EGM ENERGO corporation.

Company is equipped with an automatic machinery with ultrasonic welding for the production of disposable facemask for hepaalth service, which we deliver also in adapted variants for pharmaceutical, electrical and food industry.

Native developement leads to three basic lines of our goods:směry:

a) Protective equipment for health care and industry: facemasks, gowns, caps, sets of equipment

b) Non-woven textiles cutting in lengthwise, crosswise and arbitrary directions, including material delivery or printing for furniture industry, advertising etc.

c) Development a manufacturing of single-purpose machines for processing non-woven textiles, including ultrasonic welding. The expansion of our production constrained development and construction of special machines. We have developed for example ultrasonic welding of rubber bands, various kinds of cutting machines, machine for through-cutting of agrotextiles, textiles packer and so on. Experiences with textiles processing entitles us to offer you our capabilities of development such machines, including their delivery and servicing.

We'll be glad, if you contact us in case of your interest of our products, or in case of your demand to make a special goods or processing.

We're sure we'll offer you a solution, that will satisfy you.

Commercial department and manufactory:
EGMedical ltd.
19 Krenova Street
602 00 Brno
Czech Republic
Phone: +420 537 014 201
Fax: +420 537 014 202

Please write us for further information:
EGMedical, ltd. 19 Krenova Street, Brno City Czech Republic (European Union) ++420 5 37 014 201