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FM "STANDARD A" with tie tapes
FM STANDARD A with tie tapes
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Very effective three-layer surgical facemask (BFE of particles greater than 0.0029 mm over 98%). High air permeability allows comfortable breathing. The facemask is equipped with a single plastic nose-wire for perfect anatomical shaping to the face. The facemask does not contain fibreglass and is hypoallergenic.
Facemasks are ultrasonicaly welded. Facemasks are certificated by the NELSON LABS, USA

pcs/box - 50, pcs/carton 300.
STANDARD A with tie tapes white - code FM 30250 (pricelist)
STANDARD A with tie tapes blue - code FM 30270 (pricelist)
STANDARD A with tie tapes green - code FM 30260 (pricelist)
EGMedical, ltd.
19 Krenova Street
Brno 602 00
Czech Republic, European Union, Europe
tel. +420 537 014 201
Description of the drawing below:
1 - top layer (coloured)
2 - filter layer
(as layers 1,2 is sometimes used special two-layer textil)
3 - bottom protective layer (white)
4 - tie tapes (white)
5 - single plastic nose wire


You can get more information on
EGMedical, ltd. 19 Krenova Street, Brno City Czech Republic (European Union) ++420 5 37 014 201