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Facemasks packing

Our company offers these kinds of facemasks packing:

Packing in boxes

Facemasks are packed in paper boxes a 50 pcs, six boxes are inserted into a cardboard box (300 pcs/cardboard). Facemasks are packed into the paper boxes so, that it's simple to pull them separately out. Each box has printed a manufactoring informations (date, machine..) on the inner side of lid.
Boxes can be equipped with a printing, label or we can ship them blank.
Facemasks with rubber-bands and INDUSTRIAL facemasks can be packed into "low" boxes a 50 pcs, 12 boxes in the cardboard box (600 pcs/cardboard). INDUSTRIAL facemasks are currently packed into normal blank boxes a 100 pcs.
We can equip the boxes with a printing by your design or with yout labels. We can also pack whole boxes into a schrink-foil.

PE-bags packing

We offer packing of facemasks in PE-bags for retail sale or for usage in bad hygienic condicions. We can pack into PE-bags only facemasks with rubber-bands, we pack by 5 - 10 pcs, separate packing is also possible.
Bags can be closed by a plastic zip (allows repeated opening and closing) or waterproofly welded.
We can print or stick usage instructions on each bag.
Packing for euro-hooks is also possible.

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Box with printing (standard)

Box with printing (low)

Boxes without printing in a cardboard

Bags printing designs

You can get more information on
EGMedical, ltd. 19 Krenova Street, Brno City Czech Republic (European Union) ++420 5 37 014 201