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Catalogues download:
EGMedical basic catalogue - English (PDF 200 kB)
Offer of non-woven textiles: delivery, cutting and printing, colour sampler - English (PDF 250 kB)
Catalogues of caps and gown - Czech language with pictures only:
Detailed catalogue of caps (berets etc.) - Czech language with pictures (PDF 450 kB)
Detailed catalogue of gowns - Czech language with pictures (PDF 230 kB)
Please, contact us at for further information.
Commercial department and factory:
EGMedical ltd.
19 Krenova Street
602 00 Brno
Czech Republic
European Union, Europe
Tel.: +420 537 014 201
Tel./fax: +420 537 014 202

Further information available on
EGMedical, ltd. 19 Krenova Street, Brno City Czech Republic (European Union) ++420 5 37 014 201